FreecamV [.NET] 2.1.3

FreecamV [.NET] 2.1.2

FreecamV is a freecam script inspired by Jedijosh’s Ingame screenshot mod that I originally developed for a FiveM server but later ported to singleplayer. Some of the key differences between this and ingame screenshot are as follows: Entity atttachment, more configuration options, smoother movement (in my opinion) and filters

Press J (or whatever key you set in the ini file) to toggle the freecam.

Drop all of the files in FreecamV.rar into your scripts folder. If you do not have a scripts folder, make sure SHVDN
3.04 or greater (this is VERY important) is installed then create one.


Jedijosh – Original Ingame Screenshot mod
BKDeath2012 – Testing

Download mod

File File size
zip FreecamV 5 KB

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