JM Callouts Pack (BETA) V0.5.10

JM Callouts Pack (BETA) V0.5.5

My Callout Packs don’t have configs or ini files.

Hello, I’m new to callout programming. This is my first callout pack. It’s currently in BETA Testing. I have tested my call out pack on my patrol and it works. I know it’s not much but I’m working on more callouts in the future.

LSPDFR 0.4.9

LSPDFR 0.4.9
GTA V Remastered
Real California Architecture
Real Shops in Los Santos
World of Variety

Current Callouts:
High Speed Chase
Intoxicated Individual
Person With A Weapon
Trespassing On Private Property
Possible Prostitution
Illegal Campfire on Public Beach (Works better at Night)

Take the plugins folder and drag and drop into your main GTA V Directory. The plugins folder will have a LSPDFR folder containing the .dll and .pdb. Both files are required for the callout pack to work. Any feedback or suggestions in the comment section.
Will update the pack when I have time. Enjoy this BETA Pack.



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