FXServer – FiveM Server Creator v0_1.1

FXServer - FiveM Server Creator v0_1.1

I decided to update the previous version of FXCreator and completely re-do it. It has some improved code, a complete makeover in terms of interface and isn’t cluttered with space anymore.

Extract the folder FXServer Creator somewhere you’ll remember it, then launch FXServer.exe.

The readme.txt will explain everything, although I’ll be making an updated tutorial on YouTube later on.

• Initial release

• Fixed the error causing FXC to not create servers properly
• Cleaned up the licensekey syntax in server.cfg located in cfx-server-data-master

Additional Info

The updated version has the latest server data extracted straight from the data centers themselves (pun intended!) so nothing should be out of date anymore!


• Remexy64 – Developer, Creator

Download mod

File File size
zip FXServer Creator 17 MB

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