Baker’s house from Resident Evil 7 horror + enemies (menyoo) V1.1

Baker's house from Resident Evil 7 horror + enemies (menyoo) 1.0

Just put “1.0 baker’s house” folder into menyooStuff/ Spooner.

I tried to recreate the map of the baker’s house from re7 to gta5. I take care of every detail.

The map includes:
-ground floor
-1st floor
-mode with enemies
Of course, this is not a one-to-one copied map, but I tried to make it as accurate as possible.

HOW TO PLAY (enemy mode):
– set the time to midnight for a better experience.
– I REALLY RECOMMEND to upload shaders, and set the brightness of the game to minimum, so that the game looks better.

-this is version 1.0 so I will update it.
I’m thinking about adding a hidden passage in the party room, and an exit to the outside through the main hall. But later.



Download mod

File File size
rar 1.0 RE7 BAKERS HOUSE 61 KB

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