AddonPeds 3.0.1

AddonPeds 3.0.1

The 3.0 version arrive!
The new version of AddonPeds is ready with a brand new editor software and PedSelector script!
Now you can edit ped settings, like walk animation, personality, combat mode and much more.

AddonPeds is a mod/script that allows you to add new ped models to your game without replace any file.

It includes Quechus13’s Superman and JotaPXModz’s Vito Scaletta as example.


Last version of Scripthook
Last version of ScripthookVDotNet
Last version of NativeUI

Press “L” to Open Ped Selector Menu.

Leo ‘Meth0d’ –

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Download mod

File File size
rar AddonPeds 3.0.1 13 MB

3 thoughts on “AddonPeds 3.0.1

  1. when i try downloading the file, instead of actually getting a usable file with all of the other necessary documents and extensions, I just got a RAR file that I can’t even open. What can i do?

  2. Only one Ped works for me when pressing the L key and if I choose any other ped, if I press the L key again, the menu does not come out again and I have to restart the game, what solution is there for this?

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