No GTAVLauncher 2.0

No GTAVLauncher 2.0

No_GTAVLauncher is an alternative launcher to replace the Rockstar Games to launch GTA V.
This one ignore the verification of GTAV’s files allowing to :

– Launch your game quicker : Deleting the step of the Social Club launcher and of the video at the launch of your game.

– Play on a older game version : You can play with any game version deleting the waiting time for mods updates ( like Script Hook V, RAGE Plugin Hook ) after each new DLC submitted by Rockstar.

– Play with a modded version of GTA V : No more problems of redownloading files due to the installation of mods.

Two versions of the tool are available, the executable version and the ASI version:

– executable version ( No_GTAVLauncher.exe ) : allows you to use the game in a classic way, including joining GTA Online.

– ASI version ( No_GTAVLauncher.asi ) : useful only for players playing with a modded version of the game, does not allow you to join GTA Online. Requires ASI Loader.


Executable version:
1. Extract “No_GTAVLauncher.exe” in your Grand Theft Auto V directory.
Social Club version : C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V
Steam version : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
2. Launch the game with “No_GTAVLauncher.exe” ( you can create a shortcut on your desktop to go faster ).
/!\ Do not close the console, it will close automatically once the game is joined.

ASI version:
1. Extract “No_GTAVLauncher.asi” in your Grand Theft Auto V directory.
Social Club version : C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V
Steam version : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
2. Launch the game with GTA5.exe ( and not GTAVLauncher.exe ).


“Do No_GTAVLauncher need Script Hook V to work ?”
No, No_GTAVLauncher don’t use Script Hook V.

“Is No_GTAVLauncher compatible with the Steam version ?”
Yes, No_GTAVLauncher is compatible with the Social Club and the Steam version.

“Is No_GTAVLauncher compatible with a crack version of the game ?”

“Can i got banned by using No_GTAVLauncher ?”
No, There is no risk of being banned of Social Club or GTA Online.

“Can I go to GTA Online using No_GTAVLauncher in executable version ?”
If your game version is updated and that you are not using a mod you can go online without any fear. In deed No_GTAVLauncher do not attach him self to the game, he only modifie the game temporarely from the outside, making the operation invisible by the game.

“Is No_GTAVLauncher a crack of GTA V ?”
In no way, a Social Club account is necessary to play GTA V, No_GTAVLauncher only cancel the verification of the game’s files by the classic launcher.

No_GTAVLauncher is a creation of Transmet, member of the Los Santos Multiplayer team.


LS-Multiplayer Team

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20 thoughts on “No GTAVLauncher 2.0

  1. It Says “GTA5.exe, Is Not Found Please check if GTA5.exe is in the same directory of this program and retry”.

  2. Tested exe version on social club ver. 2372/1.57 story mode and it is working. I did not test online.
    Remark: the console window does not close automatically and it is consuming one CPU core @100%. You need close the console window manually after game menu loaded, it is not necessary keep it running and you free up CPU core. Tested also with sandboxie and the file seems to be clear, it does not create extra files on disk and is working also with LAN connection off. It is false positive in defender and other antivirus useless stupid programs.
    Great job.

  3. “Social Club failed to load due to incomplete installation. Please exit the game and re-install the latest version of the Social Club”

  4. Still asks me to login later on in the game, while loading it. I have a legal copy, but no access to 2 step verification.

  5. it says:
    Starting game …

    Patched Start
    Patched Movie

    Game state check and wait …

    and nothin happens. could u pls help me. 🙂

  6. It works and bypasses the launcher but then GTA forces me to log in to social club but then gets a server error every time and I can’t progress past that screen.

  7. It still requires Social Club when I start with this. The faulty Social Club thing is the sole reason why I tried to get a crack for my perfectly legal bought copy of GTA V. -.-

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