L.A Trees [YMAP/Addon] 1.6

L.A. Trees [YMAP/Addon] 1.0

This mod adds trees and other plants across the city of Los Santos. Over 500 plus trees were hand placed and manually tweak to best replicate a natural environment. I am open for suggestions, if there are any places where you think I should add some plants please comment. I will continue to update this mod and slowly add more to the map

I highly recommend that you install L.A vegetation by Frazzlee & CRYHD for the best experience

This mod paired with graphic mods can affect performance and may cause texture loss or crashes to low end PC’s. If you want to compare, my specs are listed below:

G.skill ripjaw 16gb 1600mhz

(I’m running at max settings with MSAA turned off and use NVE by razed. So unless you are running the same settings as I am with a lower end pc, than this will not apply to you, this is just a warning to those with low end pc’s trying to run this at high settings)


1. mods/update/x64/dlcpacks

2. Add to dlclist in to : mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

I created this mod to get familiar with CodeWalker, I hope be able to create more map mods in the near future. Please report any bugs or gltches that you may encounter with this mod in the comments 🙂



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