Sandy Shores Bus Stops [YMAP] 1.0

Sandy Shores Bus Stops [YMAP] 1.0

Sandy Bus Sations [Y-MAP]
This YMAP includes 5 bus stations with their own characteristics and traits. They are featured in key locations in Sandy Shores for the perfect bus route! Safe travels and enjoy the Y-MAP.

Version 1.0 –
– 5 Bus Stations
– Props: Vending Machine, Trash bins, Light Post, Bus stations, new paper machine, paid phone

Insulation Instructions:
– Download the file from this page
– Drag the files from winrar into your server. Depending on if you have a YMAP folder or not insulation here will vary. YMAP FOLDER USERS, drag the single file “sandybusstation” into your YMAP folder. NON YMAP FOLDER USERS, drag the file “sandybusstation” into your resource folder and leave it there.
– Make sure for the stop above you are keeping all the ymaps and the manifest with resource file
– Go into your server CFG and start the file with the name “sandybusstation” keep note the name might vary depending if you changed the name or not.

GTA Insulation:
– Go to the GTA 5 Mods folder and copy the “update” and “x64” folder into it from the GTA 5 Folder.
– Open “OpenIV” go to the mods folder and open it.
– Then open these folders inside the mods folder. “update > x64 > dlcpacks ”
– Copy the file i included with the mods in there. ( custom_maps ) > If you copied the file into it you are done with installing the map!
– Open GTA 5 and enjoy it! 🙂


– Map/Map editing: RicoFernendez
– All Probs are original from GTA Rockstar Games

Tools used:
– Codewalker

Download mod

File File size
rar sandybusstation 3 KB

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