Addon props – colored lights V1.0

Addon props - colored lights 1.0

All the lights are in colours:
– white
– yellow
– orange
– pink
– purple
– red
– blue
– green

Installation for Single:
In order for your props to show up in the game,
you need to have a “mods” folder created in OpenIV
and a dlc created in it.
Use a tutorial to create your own DLC, e.g. from youtube

All YDR files + YTD and YTYP must be moved there.
The game will load these props and then display them.
Props will also now appear in Codewalker.

You can use any spawner that suits you to spawn props.
(For example: Codewalker, Menyoo…)

Installation for FiveM:
1) Insert folder “bzzz_lights_and_lamps” to resources folder
2) Add to server.cfg
3) Restart server

If you stream props in another resource, you must edit the fxmanifest.
Add this line:
data_file ‘DLC_ITYP_REQUEST’ ‘stream/bzzz_dream_of_lights.ytyp’

Then the server must be restarted.
YTYP loads properties of props.

WARNING: Use lights sensibly.
Large amounts of lighting props drop FPS.


Creator of the original files: Rockstar
GTA original file names: prop_studio_light_02 / ch_prop_tunnel_tripod_lampa

Download mod

FileFile size
zip bzzz_lights_and_lamps3 MB

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