Calibrated ENB for QuantV (Very-High preset) 1.2

Calibrated ENB for QuantV (Very-High preset) 1.1

1) Install QuantV.
2) Leave the preset that is installed by default with QuantV [IMPORTANT].
3) Transfer the files from my archive to the root folder with the game, confirm the replacement.

Attention: Works only with the QuantV modification installed.

Custom improvements: improved reflections, anti-aliasing and lighting correction.

1) The calibrated ENB works great with my ReShade preset – “Real-California-QuantV”.
2) Changed contrast.
3) Improved reflections from cars and car rims.
4) Improved highlights and chrome.
5) Adjusted the sharpness in the daytime.
6) The best reflections from car windows are set.
7) Bloom effect corrected.
8) Other minor changes.

This preset is designed for fairly powerful video cards with RTX support.
In the future, I plan to improve and refine this graphics preset.



Download mod

File File size
rar Calibrated ENB for QuantV (Very-High preset) 1.2 3 KB

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