Dispatch & Tactics Enhancement V | Aritifical Intelligence Enhancement V 1.5

Dispatch & Tactics Enhancement V | Aritifical Intelligence Enhancement V 1.5

Dispatch & Tactics Enhancement V is designed to ramp up the difficulty and action that expands on Grand Theft Auto V’s dispatch system while staying true to the lore friendly agencies of GTA V’s universe. It provides a complete rework of AI behaviours to refine the experience. No longer a simple combatbehaviours.meta tweak, but a whole overhaul across multiple files to enhance the immersion of realistic police behaviours and other AI such as gangs and the military.

With that being said, this mod provides a plethroa of features that are too many to count! New agencies, custom ped models and vehicles, realistic brawling and more! With more then 4 months of development, I know you will enjoy what this mod has to offer.

=== Features ===

Dispatch System

– A whole new dynamic dispatch system built from scratch, expanding R*’s dispatch system to its potential.
– Encorporates lore friendly agencies with new vehicles and peds across Grand Theft Auto V’s universe.
– New dynamic equipment for law enforcement agencies. At five stars, expect to see helmets, bulletproof vests and tactical leggings.
– Better transition between each wanted level. Every star now lasts longer to build the rising action to five stars.
– Law enforcement no longer forget a wanted felon easily. At five stars, expect a manhunt for a long duration of time.
– Emergency services, such as ambulances and the fire department take much longer to respond to the scene. Making stealth kills more immersive


– Pursuing law enforcement are now much faster, smarter and more efficient onfoot and in vehicles, and will now use PIT menuvers properly.
– Law enforcement are now much more realistic in combat. They will now take cover immediately being fired upon, and will be pinned down in a realistic manner. Police will now flank and strafe much more dynamically, and will stay perfer to stay in a tight group formation to work as a team and will help the wounded much more often.
– Law enforcement will now try their best to avoid shooting the suspect when still or inside an immobile automobile, and will now prefer to arrest the suspect.
– Police helicopters will no longer open fire at three stars, and will now use a megaphone.


– AI now has realistic perception and senses. You can now sneak behind AI without them noticing.
– Police will now search for at your last location, if not found, a large search area will be generated around the player. This will make the police search in said search area, and not go directly to the player’s hiding spot.
– Decreased identification range for all AI to emulate realistic hiding in cars.
– All crimes now have to be witnessed and be reported to the police.
– Witnesses take longer to dial 911.

Melee Brawls

– AI is now more likely to do follow up attacks and combos.
– AI is now more likely to dodge.
– AI is now more likely to counter-attack.
– Fights now last much longer with decreased damage with all melee sources.


– Police, Security, Swat and Army will stay at the crime scene for much longer. Gangs will stick around longer to make sure the hostile is dead.
– Gang members are now much more reckless.
– Improved Patrol AI of Security Guards. They will now wait longer before proceeding to the next patrol point, and have a larger patrol radius.
– Improved Shark AI. They now have a more dynamic circle radius, more likely to fake approach the player, and has a longer timeout before giving up chasing the player.
– Improved Criminal AI hijacking other AI’s vehicles. They will now search at a greater distance, and will now be able to steal cars at intersections during a redlight.
– Improved Dangerous Driving AI. They will now drive recklessly and faster.
– AI now requires time to aim to shoot out tires.

=== Editions ===

— Standard Edition —
– A whole new dynamic dispatch system built from scratch.
– Add-on vehicles and peds.
– A complete rework of AI behaviours.
– Requires a gameconfig.

Lite Edition
– No whole new dynamic dispatch system built from scratch.
– No Add-on vehicles and peds.
– A complete rework of AI behaviours.
– Does not require a gameconfig.

=== Recommendations ===

Better Chases+

Pull Me Over

Simple Juristiction Fix

Stop Shitting Bricks


Alternative Badass Wanted Music Themes

Raider’s Radio Report

=== Compatibility ===

✔ Better Chases
✔ World of Variety – Install first, then this mod
½ Handling Mods – Instructions inside archive. Handling.meta is required for police to use searchlight.
½ Hanako’s AI Cover Animation – Needs more testing. Optional compatability file included with the mod.
✖ Vehicles.meta mods. – Anything that replaces this file will break the mod. Instructions included with the mod for manual installation to allow custom vehicles.meta.
✖ LSPDFR – Mod wont be noticeable, since LSPDFR uses its own police AI.

=== Requirements! ===

You need a gameconfig


World of Variety’s Addon Vehicles Gameconfig

If your having issues with crashing, try these mods below.


Packfile Limit Adjuster


Credits to Yorpie, fmafq, and keshav112233 for bugtesting and feedback.

– Mapped Interceptor Default Type

– Base Models and Textures.
– Bravado Gresley Mapped SAHP
– Bravado Buffalo Mapped SAHP

– Simple Jurisdiction Fix. Edited for more diverse military response.

– Tactical Vest Textures.

Bad Company
– Base Models and textures from Enhanced US Army and Enhanced GIGN.

– Badge and Tactical Vests textures from LS/LA County Sheriff’s Department.

– Tactical Vests and Hat model.

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