Faster Player Movement [OIV] V1.1

Faster Player Movement [OIV] V1.1

Faster player movement change player movement (walk style, running and sprint) to multiplayer type, main file is apply to Michael, but Trevor or Franklin can use it too although is not as smooth. For sprint, movement while in combat changed from ready stance to flee run type so player will run with both arms open in vanilla player mostly run with both hands holding gun

The Variation folder contain player movement changes to (1) gangster style and (2) nervous run. This can be spawn with Simple trainer from sajaak (WALKSTYLE menu) but i personally have trouble and constant crash with other mod while using it so i make OpenIV replacer.


Use OpenIV navigate and replace with downloaded file
[email protected]@core.ycd

Backup is included



Download mod

File File size
rar Faster Player Movement 636 KB

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