Merryweather Security Billboard Ad 1.0

Merryweather Security Billboard Ad 1.0

“Merryweather Security Consulting? Private army to the New World Order? The folks waging outsourced shadow wars in twenty countries around the globe, and recently cleared to operate on US soil?”
-Trevor Philips to Floyd Hebert about the Merryweather Security corporation- (

That’s right! Business in Merryweather Security is booming and there is a constant need for new operators. Especially after the new unconstitutional, multi million dollars, contract with the U.S. Government for domestic provision of security services. And which is a better place for recruiting advertising than the American countryside?

The most successful and controversial security company of the GTA HD Universe got a recruitment billboard ad in San Andrea’s Alamo Sea (California’s Salton Sea) highway!

-In the satirical and sarcastic spirit of GTA!
-With fitting in design and colors!
-With realistic dirt and weathering effects!
-Full LODs!
-Easy installation (backup is included)!
-Apply for an operator’s position today!

Credits: The images and logos used are property of their respective owners.

Installation instructions and links to my other mods in the read me file.



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File File size
rar MerryWeather Billboard Ad 1.0 17 MB

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