Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations (WIP) V6.0

Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations (WIP) 5.5

This mod overhauls the visual aspect/functionality of melee fights allowing them to look more realistic and varied when compared to the original GTA V melee system. It completely enhances the melee combat system adding in new melee weapon combos, fighting animations, taunts, damage/ reactions and much more. It makes melee fights longer lasting, visually appealing and generally more fun. (Full description on OIV File Provided)

Included in this Mod: (Simple View)
+New Melee Animations (Used from GTA V database and Custom Anims)
+Combo Finishers
+Melee Weapon Combos
+Alternate Unarmed Combos
+Enhanced Counter Moves
+Melee Weapon Animations
+Failed Takedown Animations Replace Forward Kicks
+Edited Ped Health and Damages
+Player and AI Taunts
+ Melee Enemy Types with Different Buffs and Weaknesses
+Melee Enemy Types Have Different Melee Combos/Finishers
+Many Enemies Fight at Once
+Replaced Shove attack
+Armed Gun Melee Combos
+Edited Gunner Melee Reactions
+One Handed and Two Handed Gun Attack Combos/Combo Finishers

Download instructions in Read Me.
OIV Package Support for quicker installation! (manual optional available too)

Requirements: (prevents crashes)
Heap adjuster
Packfile limit adjuster

Incompatible mods: (Feel free to let me know)
World of Variety
Streets of Rage Brawling
Immersive Combat
*Notice* : Any mods that edit meta files such as pedbrawlingstyles, pedhealth, etc.



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