Ikaris – Yellow beam and movie sounds for Superman V2 1.1

Ikaris - Yellow beam and movie sounds for Superman V2 1.0

NO PED HERE, FIND YOUR OWN IKARIS PED (Maybe I will make one soon)

Installation instructions:
AddonProps may work
Or You can use this guide to install the beam props
Or you can read my installation method in the zip file (I forgot to clarify, i have Ironman V3 by JulioNIB installed – required)

Just put the Ikaris folder inside the sounds folder especially If you are using my ini file (you need to have a subfolder called “Ikaris” or my ini file will have no sounds). You can also use the standalone sounds pack to replace the existing Superman V2 laser sounds

Ini file: Just put my ini file in the Suits folder of Superman V2


* JulioNIB for implementing props and custom sound folder in this superman update 🙂
* New Superman V2 SFX for the base sounds. I only created ikaris laser start and loop sounds



Download mod

File File size
7z Multiple Color Beam Props for SupermanV2 by NaWa 36 MB

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