LEGO model pack [Add-On Ped]

LEGO model pack [Add-On Ped]

Hi guys, I’m so happy bring new LEGO models. This time I made 10 LEGO models, including superheroes and villains. I spent a week making and debugging them. They can be used with JulioNIB scripts, so you will like these LEGO models.
And I made some weapon models of their own, which you can see in the preview picture.

10 LEGO models:
LEGO Batman
LEGO IronMan
LEGO Darth Maul
LEGO PowerGirl
LEGO Ant Man
LEGO Bizarro Superboy
LEGO Deadpool
LEGO Misterio
LEGO Proxima Midnight

Please addonpeds script to install this mod



Download mod

FileFile size
rar [NCNC]LEGO model Pack40 MB

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