New Gruppe Sechs guards 1.0

New Gruppe Sechs guards 1.0

I met security guards in the game a lot and I don’t like the original model. I looked for a reskin but no mod changes that so I made my own mod.

“Look like a cop, who failed a fitness test” – Lester.
Well, not anymore, now Gruppe Sechs guards look more proffesional.

Badge still identifies them as police officers, which I guess now means that all G6 guards are verified as police officers so they have more power than regular guards. (I made textures in paint, so if I touch that I’ll ruin it)
You sometimes can see “police” on the vest.
Cap clips through one of the heads.

Also you can edit it and if you fix a police badge I would like to know.

Put “Skin” x64e.rpf/models/cdimages/componentpeds s m m.rpf
Put “Hat” x64e.rpf/models/cdimages/pedprops.rpf



Download mod

File File size
rar Security 5 MB

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