Superthicc Expansion ST01 ( MP Female ) V2

Superthicc Expansion ST01 ( MP Female ) V1

Be sure to install the required body – superthicc

Superthicc Expansion will add alot of clothes with tons of textures to use for the new SUPERTHICC V2 body i just released, i converted all of the rockstar default clothes to STV2
most of the models have all of their original textures included so you dont have to do all the heavy work.

Theres alot more clothes than what i showed in the screenshots install this mod and Superthicc V2 and make all of the outfits you want. with crazy combinations you usually would not be able to.

When you install the files, do it little by little, dont drop all the files at once.

Installation instructions are inside the archive.



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