Advanced Slow Mo [.NET] V1.0

Advanced Slow Mo [.NET] V1.0

The title is clickbait. There is nothing advanced about this slow motion mod, and that is the beauty in it. Short slow motion effect that is activated only when something happens ON screen. You can toggle on what events the slow mo activates via .ini.

Slowmo on explosions
Slowmo on ped drivers crashing
Slowmo on ped ragdoll/falling/getting shot
Slowmo on player crashing
Everything is togglable via .ini
Please do not hesitate to comment if you have any features you would like to be added

Known issues:
-Explosions trigger slowmo even when not on screen

ASI Loader
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.5.1

Extract files in to the scripts folder
Use AdvancedSlowMo.ini to configure



Download mod

File File size
zip AdvancedSlowMo 4 KB

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