All Gangs for Gang and Turf Mod (UPDATED) 2.5

All Gangs for Gang and Turf Mod (UPDATED) 1.0

Just an updated, fixed and working version of All Gangs for Gang and Turf Mod by Renlou, wich itself is a modification that replace the custom gangs/bands in the original mod with lorewise ones.

Gang and Turf mod 1.5
-All the requirements from the already mentioned mod

– Place GangData.xml inside your gangModData folder (should be inside your GTA V install location). Replace existing files if required.
– Optional TurfZoneData.xml for those that want some zones be taken at start.

Changing your gang:
– Simply open GangData.xml with NotepadPlusPlus (very recommended) and look for the line that says: “true” – Note: The gang chosen by default should be the Families.
– Change “true” to “false” (without the quotation marks).
– Then look for the gang which you want to be a part of instead and swap its “false” line in the same way, but to “true” instead of “false”.


– Pretty much all done by lucasvinbr, thanks Renlou for the idea and original post. I just fixed an very old mod.

Download mod

File File size
rar AllGangsOG_v2.5 37 KB

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