Back to the Future V 2.3.2

Back To The Future V 1.1F

Wait a minute, wait a minute, Doc, are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?


Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET 3.0.4
.NET Framework 4.8
(Optional) limitless gameconfig
(Optional) PackfileLimitAdjuster
(Optional) HeapAdjuster


Keyboard / Controller
Main menu: CTRL + F8
Interaction Menu: Character wheel + Handbrake (default: left ALT + space / DPad down + RB)
Time Circuits: NumPad +
Input Mode: NumPad /
Confirm Date: NumPad Enter
Toggle Cinematic / Instant mode: NumPad *
Hover boost: Handbrake (default: space / RB)
Altitude control: G
VTOL: Aim + throttle/brake (default: RMB + W-S / LB + LT-RT)
Refuel, Hook, Hoodbox: Context (default: E / DPad right)
Forced Handbrake (RC): Handbrake + Duck (default: space + a / RB + A)
Toggle Hover mode: Hold X-H / A

Main Features:

Brand new best looking DeLorean models made specially for this mod
Exterior / Interior / Engine / Suspension / Chassis / 5 Lods
Back to the Future version
Base BTTF Kit
Mr. Fusion / Plutonium Reactor
55′ / RR Wheels
GoodYear NCT60 / GoodYear Eagle GT Tires
All the BTTF models are based on A-Hero car and professionally modeled and textured

Time Traveling
Cutscene/instant time travel mode
TCD glitch system if time machine is damaged
Time machine can be forced to time travel if it is being hit by a lightning (while flying or driving with hook into a thunderstorm)

Animated Interior
Time Circuits display
Flux Capacitor
Speedometer (both analog and digital)
TFC handle and lights
Plutonium gauges

Animated Exterior
Hover transition

Stereo 3D sounds with pausing / muting system
Most of sounds ripped and edited from blu-ray version of movies
Real BTTF DeLorean engine sounds aka LandSpeeder sounds handled by script

Custom made effects for time travel
Turbulence while flying into bad weather (NEXT RELEASE)
Blinking headlights while trying to restart a dead DeLorean time machine with nuclear reactor (NEXT RELEASE)

Transform any vehicle into a Time Machine (NEXT RELEASE)
Yes, now any vehicle (can be a car, bike, boat, motorcycle, plane, etc… ) can be converted to a fully working Time Machine
Wormhole type can be changed
Hover mode can be activated if model has certain requirements and custom handling data has been added to it (will be explained better)
Also can be equipped with ’55 and railroad wheels type (result may vary, certain vehicle models don’t accept tuning wheels)
There is no need for refueling after a time travel, there is only a 30secs cooldown

Remote Controlling
Any time machine can be remote controlled
There is a max distance signal range
First person camera can be activated

Persistence system
Every time machine status (location, properties, vehicle info, etc… ) is saved and restored at game restart/script reload
Works for both DeLorean and other-type time machines

Build custom DeLorean time machine
You can customize any DeLorean time machine with the BTTF parts (e.g. BTTF3 with Plutonium Chamber, Hook and Hover System, etc… )

Drive on rail tracks
Any time machine that is equipped with railroad wheels can be driven on rail tracks
It is possible to time travel on rail tracks… just be aware for a possible incoming train at reentry…

Time machine’s garage:

Michael’s, Trevor’s and Franklin’s garages can be used to transform any vehicle into a time machine
Repair broken time, flying circuits and faulty engine
Install hover conversion and Mr. Fusion
Customize other time machine’s elements


Artist: ranstar74
DMC12 model updates: RetroGamer
Programmer: AHK1221 / MrFusion92
Tester: Nickumto255 / hugoraider / SBTx14 / MatchstickMan / Evonia / Victor / Adrien / RetroGamer / Dwurban / auron / Lordf84
Audio: BTTFV / BTTF Hill Valley Team
English -> BTTFV Team
French -> hugoraider
German -> d3vk1ng / sole
Italian -> MrFusion92
Spanish -> SBTx14
Polish -> Mroczny Gracz
Portuguese -> Victor
Russian -> ranstar74
Japan -> Leaf

Special thanks to: SonicJoshua24 / 5dmc1 / dmc4708 / Carlos85G / Manghen

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