Better Vehicle First Person 0.9

Better Vehicle First Person 0.9


Better Vehicle First Person brings a whole new way of experiencing the first person view while in a vehicle. It offers an in-game fully adjustable first person view for each vehicle, as well as camera effects that make the most out of this perspective.

All features are fully configurable from the included INI file.

– In-game fully adjustable first person view (position and field of view)
– Preferences saved for each individual vehicle
– Head bobbing and inertia: feel every bump on the road
– Crash effects that vary depending on the force of the crash
– Looking back moves the view clear of the headrest
– Move your view with your keyboard while in mouse steering mode (land vehicles only – 3 modes to choose from)
EXPERIMENTAL: Support for ikt’s “Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support” mod views (

Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET

Unzip to your MAIN GTA V FOLDER.

Extremely easy; follow the instructions on screen or see the included readme.txt

Modify the INI file. Detailed information included in the file.

Additional info
I created presets for many vehicles, but a lot were left out. Vehicles that have no presets assigned will display the default first person view, and prompt you to configure your preferences for the vehicle.

Known issues
– You won’t see the driver’s hands. You can opt to enable the model in the INI file, but things don’t look too good when braking when you do.

– Foliage and water sometimes clips into the vehicle when you drive over it.



ikt for the instructions to interact with his mod.
keirona for telling me about ikt’s mod and beta testing the feature
MaxShadow for pointing me in the right direction to find the mouse steering settings flag

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