Dice Shooting [.Net] V1.5.2

Dice Shooting

With this mod right here, you can shoot dice in GTA V. What’s more immersive than shooting dice in the hood? It has it’s own banking system so you control how much of your money you play with.

NativeUI (comes w/ menu or trainerV I think), ScripthookVDotNet2

Step 1. Go to the following path in OpenIV(EDIT MODE):
OpenIV > GTA V > scripts(if you don’t have that folder make a new one)

Step 2. Drag n drop “Pimps N Hos.dll” and “Pimp N Hos.ini” into your scripts folder
Put ShootDice.pnb in too if you are having problems

Theres 2 blips: Dice Shooting and Dice Bank
At the Dice Bank(stack of coins blip), you can deposit and withdrawal money that you are willing to bet with. That way you won’t have to worry about being TOO deep in debt. I can’t control your luck doe
At the Dice Shooting(playing card blip), go shoot dice & bet cash on your roll. If you win, you get back placement bet and the money on the table. It ain’t as pretty when you lose. The amount you bet on each game depends on how much you got in your Dice Bank, so if you wanna WIN BIG, BET BIG and go put dat cash in.
For right now I suggest bringing your own people if u tryna have a group there the peds won’t spawn right for me.



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