Evolved Police Response V1.1

Evolved Police Response 1.0

Evolved Police Response is an immersive police mod which aims to improve the police in various different ways. It improves their behaviour and the way they act, it makes it so police now remembers who you are and makes the police a bigger challenge in general.

Overhauls police chases and makes it more challenging and realistic. (By Adding in Lethal Force, etc…)
Adds in player recognition systems which allows police to recognize the player after a chase has passed. (If the police saw the player during a chase of course)
Adds in police patrols that happen all around Los Santos and the surrounding area.
Adds in a stolen vehicle system, which allows police to look for stolen vehicles and make you wanted based on it.
An entire new roadblock system for after you have escaped a chase. It attempts to block you in and prevent you from leaving the area. (Optional, WIP)
And more!

LemonUI (Included)

1. Download the mod.
2. Extract all contents to your ‘scripts folder’. (If you do not have one, create one)
3. Enjoy! (Let me know in the discord server or in the comments if you have any issues)

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