Flatbed Script 1.3

 Flatbed Script 1.3

– Latest ScriptHookV
– Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
– Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 x64
– Minimum Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
– Flatbed Vehicle

1. Extract the files anywhere
2. Drag and Drop all the files into your GTAV Scripts Folder.
3. Profit.

VehicleDuck (Standing on the back) – Unload Vehicle on Bed
VehicleDuck (Driving a vehicle towards the bed) – Load Vehicle on Bed
VehicleDuck – Lift/Lower the bed (auto)
VehicleSubAscend/Descend – Lift/Lower the bed (manual)
If you don’t know what is the keys meaning, goto SETTINGS > Key Bindings in GTA V Pause Menu.

Fun Fact:
1. Center your steering so it won’t turn around.

– Fixed the stuttering problem when truck isn’t moving/revving.
– Now you can manually control the bed lift/lower.
– Added outside control panel (requires flatbed that supports).

– Added winch sensor (will stop whenever something is blocking the way).
– You can now load vehicles facing backwards.
– Bugs fixes and improvements.

– Winch no longer hooks when player is inside vehicle.
– Player no longer unloads when bed is not lowered.
– Fixed vehicle keeps going backwards when unloading.

– Initial Release

Alexander Blade for ScriptHookV
Crosire for ScriptHookVDotNet
UnknownModder for Decor Unlocker
Smallto for the help
Mell for Korean translation
Krazy! for Portuguese & Italian translation
Gixer for Spanish translation
pnda for German translation
大雪熊0w0 for Japanese translation
Anthony for French translation

Download mod

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