Gangster Draw .NET 1.1

Gangster Draw 1.0

For everyone that is talking about Jedijosh’s version:
1. His mod has last been updated in 2015, his mod is not being updated anymore as of January 2022.
2. With this version you can actually walk and run while grabbing your gun.
3. With this version you can also change weapons after grabbing your pistol. You don’t have to put your pistol back first.


This mod simply allows you to draw your pistol in a gangster style of way. Obviously this isn’t perfect for mission or when you randomly get shot,
because of this i made the script in a way so you can draw your weapon in gangster style when pressing the key in the ini folder (standard J).
if you draw your pistol by using TAB then it will play the vanilla animation.

Change Hotkey:

You can simple change the hotkey to whatever key you like. For example:

Change this:


to this:


If you do this then your hotkey will be L

Bugs: None known



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File File size
7z Gangster Draw 2 MB

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