Gray Callouts V1.0

Gray Callouts V1.0

Has ini: Yes
Number of callouts: 2

Make sure to check out the “For_Installer” folder in the download. Installation instructions and some other stuff is given there. All the names of the callout are based on California’s Radio Codes.

503 (Vehicle Theft)
417 (Brandishing a weapon)

More Info
A game notification pops up during every GrayCallouts’ callout to give you a little description of what’s happening. A suspect status notification also pops up once the callout has ended. Of course, a lot more will be added to these in the near future.
You can press ‘End’ to end an on-going callout abruptly.
Using any third party plugins like STP to abruptly end one of the callouts may cause glitches.
There’s a set selection of vehicles that can spawn in. This has been done to prevent stuff like boats spawning in as suspect vehicles. If you want to see any vehicle added to the list, let me know in the comments!

503 (Vehicle Theft)
This callout has nothing to go in-depth about. The perpetrator may drive the vehicle recklessly. 

417 (Brandishing a weapon)
This callout can have multiple outcomes
This callout does not involve any vehicles unless the perpetrator decides to steal one.
The perpetrator can have 5 types of weapons:

-A Pistol
-A Combat Pistol
-A Knife
-A Crowbar
-A Hammer

As per random chance, as soon as you get close to the perpetrator or aim your firearm at the perpetrator, he/she might start running or might decide not to run and attack you instead. 

Expected Future Updates
Feature – Version Checker
Callout – A possible 207, 911 Hangup
Callout – A 996T, Explosive device spotted in a vehicle
Callout – A 415LT/964, Eviction gone south
Callout – Police Escort needed (unsure if I’ll add this)
Feature – Custom dispatcher audio for GrayCallouts
Miscellaneous – Bug fixes
Feature – New UI for callout description

Known Bugs
In the callout “Brandishing a Weapon”, the suspect will aim his firearm at the officer but won’t actually open fire. Even though that circumstance is enough reason for the player to open fire on the suspect, expect this bug to be fixed in the next release.

Keep in mind that this callout pack is still in its early stages. Even though it has been tested multiple times by me, there may be a few bugs or inconsistencies that I’ve missed. If you do happen to find any, please make sure to leave a comment and I’ll take a look at it. I will also accept any kind of constructive criticism as long as things don’t get ugly. If you do leave a review and actually let me know your opinions about this up-and-coming callout pack, I’d really appreciate it! Your feedback will help me make my callout pack better.



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