mpClothes – Addon Clothing Slots 1.0

mpClothes - Addon Clothing Slots 1.0

There is a lot of clothes on this website, remember when you had all the cool clothing mods installed, but then another one pops up and you don’t have any spare slot left to replace the clothing item?
This is exactly what you were looking for! Replacing is no more, this mod adds around 200 extra components (sometimes i did the math wrong, don’t blame me, but it’s way more than you need :D) with 26 texture slots each and clothing physics flag enabled (You can use .yld files) to every single clothing slot as DLC, exactly how rockstar does it with every update for GTA Online.
This means the slots are added AFTER all existing DLC Clothing, it doesn’t move any slots as it should be.

To add glasses and hats, make a folder mp_m_freemode_01_p_mp_m_clothes_01 or mp_f_freemode_01_p_mp_f_clothes_01 and paste the files there.

Character slot example:
-Ofcourse you can go higher with numbers since there’s a lot of new slots added
head_000_r head_diff_000_a_whi (Extra note, all heads have one texture slot, i didn’t feel it was necessary to add more, this might always change if i get enough requests)
berd_000_u berd_diff_000_a_uni
hair_000_u hair_diff_000_a_uni
uppr_000_r uppr_diff_000_a_whi
lowr_000_r lowr_diff_000_a_uni
hand_000_u hand_diff_000_a_uni
feet_000_u feet_diff_000_a_uni
teef_000_u teef_diff_000_a_uni
accs_000_u accs_diff_000_a_uni
task_000_u task_diff_000_a_uni
decl_000_u decl_diff_000_a_uni
jbib_000_u jbib_diff_000_a_uni

Current Issues:
-Heist Bags don’t work, because of the way they’re set up
Explanation: Heist bags have to be set up manually for every single clothing item with pedalternatevariations.meta, they have around 100 variations to fit for every single clothing item, and you need to manually specify the clothing slot and id, the bag slot and id and so on.
-Masks don’t hide hair
Explanation: Similiar to above, maybe it’s solveable with another way but i haven’t tried anything yet, besides y’all got 200 slots so it can be filled with those variations, heh

I wouldn’t suggest using this DLC in your own mods, it should be linked in description, unless you change the dlc name and such, inside the .ymt and .meta files.

1.Paste mpclothes folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2.Open dlclist.meta in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
3.Add dlcpacks:/mpclothes/ entry
4.Add your clothing models to the folders, following the same naming conventions as in the example.


Dexyfex – Codewalker (This wouldn’t be possible without him!)

3.8/5 - (9 votes)

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6 thoughts on “mpClothes – Addon Clothing Slots 1.0

  1. I started to notice when installing male clothes to the clothes pack, my game is always crashing. This works perfectly fine with my female things, only male.

  2. Nice work by the way. But I have one more question. I dont want these empty slots on menu. How could I delete these empty slots?

  3. Hi, good work. But I want to ask sth. You said: “besides y’all got 200 slots so it can be filled with those variations, heh” But what If I want to eleminate these slots?

    I dont want 30, 50 or anymore empty slots on menu. How could I delete empty slots?

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