Scene Director 3.4.1

Scene Director 3.4.1

Scene Director is a mod for GTA V specifically aimed at recording Machinima.
In many ways its an extension to Director Mode and Rockstar Editor.

It is active in use among most well known GTA V Machinima videos.

Stage lights is the major new functionality of version 3.4. Now you can light your scene as in a real movie.
In version 3.4.1 you can add complex move, rotate and flicker effects to stage lights.

Action types which are currently recorded are:
– On foot movement
– In vehicle movement (cars, helis, boats, planes++)
– Entering vehicle (including as a passenger with ALT+F)
– Exit vehicle
– Play synchronized animation (ALT+NUM1-9)
– Play animation sequence (ALT+NUM1-9)
– Play scenario from other mod (such as scenario menu)
– Gun fire recording!
– Cover
– Jumping
– Climb
– Rocket vehicle (voltic2)

Scripthook V.
Copy the following files into game directory
– SceneDirector.asi
– SceneDirectorAnim.txt
– scene_director.ini
– SceneDirectorStageLights_config.xml
– SceneDirectorSynchedAnim.xml
Add Stage lights as a DLC
– Follow the instructions in ScenedirectorInstallDLC.txt to add it through OpenIV.

Kudso to Rockstar for standing up to Take-Two and saving the modding community
Kudos to Guadmaz for the list of animation
Kudos to CamxxCore for his assistance on controlling the camera movement used in Edit scene
Kudos to MuzTube for synchronized animation analysis

The controls are as follows:

F10 – Show/hide menu HUD
Can be configured in .ini file

NUMSPACE2,8,4,6,5 – Controlling menu HUD
Can be configured in .ini file

Delete element in HUD (animations and actors)

Change scene mode – From menu
Change scene mode. Scene mode is default active and waypoints will be acted on immediately. Setup scene mode, waypoint will be stored, and all of them triggered at the same time when scene mode is set to active

Assign current player to slot 1-9 – From menu (or CTRL+1-9)

Reset scene – ALT+DELETE
Teleport all actors to the location they have when the scene mode was first set to active.

Firing squad mode – ALT+C
Copy mode aka. firing squad mode. Other actors will aim and fire at the same targets as the player. They will also enter vehicles and skydive when the player does so.

ALT + T Teleport the player to waypoint

Reset scene director

ALT + F Enter nearest vehicle as a passenger



Download mod

File File size
zip SceneDirector_v341 1 MB

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