The Mob 1.4

The Mob 1.3.1

With this mod you have the possibility to work for “The Mob”, a “Mafia” style criminal organization. After visiting The Mob Hideout you will be contacted from time to time by Rickey The Enforcer and offered a Job. At the moment there are 6 mission types with semi-random variations. You can stop working for them by visiting again the Hideout.

My mods usually don’t “hold your hand”. There are not unnecessary blips and if you fail a job you will lose usually the half of the reward. Expect to lose missions and money eventually. If you fail too many times you can be kicked out and forced to wait sometimes (Default 10 minutes) before you can join The Mob again.

This mod is intended mostly for roleplaying and to be used with the “flow” of the game. You won’t be able to do one mission after the other or whenever you want.

You can tweak some variables like reward or time between job calls in the Patron version of this mod.

Recommended Mods (optional):

Enhanced Native Trainer (for the many roleplaying options it offers)
Faster AI Drivers (perfect to make chase and races more challenging)

If you want to be in charge, check out my other mod The Boss


ATTENTION! If you plan to use “LS Life” along with my mods there will be high chances of conflicts and errors (that’s because LS Life changes a lot of Peds and other things around indiscriminately)

Requirements and How to Install:
Script Hook V
– Last version of ScriptHookVDotNet

Put the files in your GTAV scripts folder.



Download mod

File File size
rar The Mob_v1.4_Public 439 KB

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