The Purge

The Purge 1.0

Pretty late in the scene but this is my first GTA 5 mod!

Simple script, participate in the Purge. Enables vehicle engine damage and repair. I highly recommend also installing Pickups and Loot mod to complete the experience. Also try mods that enable player ragdoll when shot and disable reticle to make it harder.

Z — Start the Purge (purge announcement and ambient noises included)
X — Toggle ready weapon when armed
B — Toggle backpack if you had the mod(mentioned above) installed
E — Open/close engine bay. Equip wrench(persistent with this mod) to fix engine if it stops working or it catches on fire.

Drop contents of scripts folder into your scripts folder. I also included my Pickups settings if you have the Pickups mod installed.

Please feel free to let me know of any bugs and I will try my best to fix it.
The filesize is huge because of the hour-long ambient noise I used. If there is any way I could loop a shorter soundfile to decrease the filesize please let me know. Im very new to c sharp and gta modding.

Future updates
Im trying to figure out a way to add a “time alive” and “time before purge ends” timer so if anyone can help me out I’ll be very grateful.



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FileFile size
zip ThePurge393 MB

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