V: Override [Reupload] 1.0

V: Override [Reupload] 1.0


This is a reupload / continuation of Konijima’s V Override mod.


This mod is best used after the prologue is completed, and allows you to tweak areas of the game to provide your own experience in singleplayer in a sandbox environment.


Player persistence, auto-save with many settings. (Currently does not support weapon saving)

Vehicle persistence and auto-save last used vehicle.

Kill the storyline scripts to allow for a sandbox styled environment, or keep story scripts enabled. (Highly recommended to keep story scripts off)

Randomize pedestrian money and rob them at gunpoint.

Choose between 3 different clock modes.

Choose what blips you want on the map, such as police precincts, hospitals, etc.

Toggle stores, and other functions of the game on and off via the config file as you please.

Choose your re-spawn mode and fees when killed or arrested.

Have a cleaner wasted and busted screen without text obscuring the view.


Scripts only version: Drop the scripts folder into your root folder.

Script and voice muter version: Drop the scripts folder into your root folder, and you can optionally drop the mods folder into your root folder as well if using a custom character to disable character voices for specific characters.

Make sure the latest versions of ScriptHook V and ScriptHook V .NET are installed, and optionally OpenIV if using the mods folder version.


SylveticHearts / Konijima

Download mod

File File size
zip VOverride_with_voices_muted 470 B

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