VehFuncs V1.43

VehFuncs V 1.0

An extensively customizable script mod for V that adds support for many different types of brand new car behaviors.

Here are just some of the possibilities that this mod can already be used for:
– Pedals
– Analog dials
– Windshield wipers
– Handbrake
– Sequential shifter
– Fans

Current list of options (multiple of these can be combined in one bone):
– Constant rotation/spinning on any axis
– Rotation/movement tied to gas, brakes, handbrake, steering, speed or engine RPM
– Constant oscillation between a minimum and maximum value, smoothed with a sine wave
– Sequential shifter that reacts to gear changes and moves/rotates to a set value upon one
– Ability to only use an option when the engine is on and/or it’s raining

Documentation for car mod creators included in VehFuncsVdoc.txt in the archive.


13Stewartc: Thanks to 13Stewartc for testing and adapting his BMW M5 to be the first car to use this mod

Download mod

File File size
zip VehFuncsV_v1.43 180 KB
zip VehFuncsV_v1.42 180 KB
zip VehFuncsV_v1.41 178 KB
zip VehFuncsV_v1.4 174 KB

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