vMenu V3.5

vMenu V3.5

vMenu is server sided menu for FiveM servers, including full* permission support.

*(Some features do not have permissions support as they are either harmless or it’d just be silly to deny them. However, they will be disabled if you deny access to the submenu that they are a part of (eg: unlimited stamina in Player Options will be disabled if you deny vMenu.PlayerOptions.Menu.))


Installing vs Updating

If you’re updating vMenu, instead of installing it from scratch, you need to make sure that you REPLACE ALL files, EXCEPT your permissions.cfg and all files in the vMenu/config/ folder!

IMPORTANT: Before installing vMenu, make sure your FXServer artifacts are up to date. Yes update the server. Just do it. Don’t be lazy and come crying if it doesn’t work because you didn’t update the server.

IMPORTANT: If you’re updating vMenu from any version below v3.3.0, and you want to keep your saved bans, please read the changelog.

Installation steps

  1. Go to the RELEASES page (on the GitHub repo), and download “vMenu-<version>.zip”, or use the “Download vMenu” button on the left side of this page to automatically download the latest version.
  2. Once you’ve got your zip file, extract the files and copy everything into /resources/vMenu/ so that you end up with the fxmanifest.lua (previously __resource.lua) file right here: /resources/vMenu/fxmanifest.lua.

    If you’re trying to join the server, and it gives you an error saying “Could not load resource vMenu” or something similar, then make sure that you’ve installed vMenu inside /resources/vMenu/ and NOT inside /resources/vMenu/vMenu/! Also note that the resource folder name MUST be called vMenu (Case Sensitive!!!) or the script will not work.

  3. Now that you’ve got your files inside /resources/vMenu/, go into the /resources/vMenu/config/ folder and move (or copy) the permissions.cfg file to the same folder where your server.cfg file is located.

    If you’re using ZAP Hosting, you might want to leave the permissions.cfg file inside the config folder, and use exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg instead of exec permissions.cfg in step 4. Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess with any of these installation steps, install vMenu using their one-click installer! Don’t have a FiveM server yet? Click here to get a server, and use the code Vespura-a-3715 at checkout for a 10% discount!

  4. Go to your server.cfg file, and add exec permissions.cfg at the very top of the file (use the other command explained in step 3 if you’re using Zap Hosting).
  5. Now, add start vMenu somewhere inside your server.cfg file, position doesn’t matter as long as it’s below the exec permissions.cfg line.
  6. Save the server.cfg file and start your server. Once you’re in, you should be able to access most menu’s just fine without having to configure anything inside the permissions.cfg. This is because it is setup to have certain permissions for everyone by default, only administrator/moderator sensitive options have been removed from the default permissions file.

Congratulations, you’ve just installed vMenu in it’s most basic, plug-and-play configuration.



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