Your Own Storyline V2.0 Update 4

Your Own Storyline 1.8.5b

This script mod makes it possible to write yout fully own, Total conversion storyline script for GTA V. Thanks to this, it also makes it feasible to develop other kinds of TC mods, like full TC map mods…

Difference between this mod, and other script mods
This mod automatically disables all vanilla scripts upon initialization, without requiring any kind of player intervention, thus it does not require a GTA 5 savegame to be present (in fact, it works better, if no GTA 5 )savegames are present!).
This mod also provides a built-in capability of resetting the gameworld to a free-roam state, and runs a custom mission script on its own, that is saveable and reloadable, and similar to 3D-era game (GTA III, VC, SA) SCM scripts in nature (but not compatible with any of them)…

ASI loader
OpenIV (optional, only equired for the menu refurbisher sub-mod)

This mod only gets updated occasionally, to include support newly added weapons and weapon components… because it’s impossible to query the list programatically… There is a local copy of the list, hat must be updated occasionally.
Currently, there are no known problematic bugs with this mod, the ASI file from 2020 is fully compatible. Updates to the ASI are, therefore, not planned…


Jupiter Kasparov

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