Real Time Handling Editor V3.0

Real Time Handling Editor V3.0

A real-time vehicle handling editor for Grand Theft Auto V, intended for vehicle (handling) developers, to easily adjust handling in-game and see the effects of the changes immediately.


In-game menu for real-time handling entry editing
Load and save XML/meta files, starting from the level
Drawn COM, roll centre heights and more
Reload vehicle with all its modifications
Grabs additional parameter information from GTAVHandlingInfo
Automatically updates (on launch) if a newer version is present

Supports SubHandlingData (almost completely)
CCarHandlingData (including AdvancedData)

Extract RTHandlingEditor.asi and the HandlingEditor folder to the main GTA V folder.
Check the settings_menu.ini file in the HandlingEditor folder to change menu hotkeys, if desired.

Open the cheat console with the tilde key: (~)
Use the rthe cheat to open the menu.
The menu itself should be straightforward – most options have a description.
Inside the editing menus every parameter can be manually entered by pressing Enter on that option.
Certain parameters do not apply instantly – the vehicle needs to be reloaded. The main menu contains a trigger for this – the current vehicle will be reloaded with all its tuning modifications.
The menu has options for saving the active handling to a file and loading a handling in the “HandlingFiles” folder inside the “HandlingEditor” folder, to the current car.
The accepted XML format is one Item entry per XML file.
Most options apply instantly. Some options, like centre of mass offsets need a respawn of the car.

Take note

– SubHandlingData items like CCarHandlingData and CAdvancedData are only applied if the original handling has them, the script does not generate new SubHandlingData or AdvancedData entries.
– The table view for flags might be out of view for aspect ratios narrower than 16:9.

No FiveM
This was made for SP only.



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