Updated ObjectList.ini (for Object Spawn Unlocker/Map Editor) 1.2

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This archive contains a text file that can be considered as an add-on to the mod Object Spawn Unlocker by GTAMultiplayer Team

I made this for the people who don’t know/too lazy to retrieve hash code for each props and put them on a ObjectList.ini file.
All you have to do is to copy paste the content of the text file to your ObjectList.ini and you are done!

changelog 1.2
– Added a version without car nor ped. I’ve uploaded the whole ObjectList.ini +InvalidObjects.ini (you can directly copy/paste the files in the /scripts/ folder but don’t forget to make backup!).

changelog 1.1
– Added a version without the +hi props since they’re crashing the game and can’t be spawned at the moment.

Object Spawn Unlocker by GTAMultiplayer Team

Map Editor users
After pasting the content of the file, go to setting – Validate object database to get rid of invalid object.



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