Type 75 MLRS (2 working turrets) | [ADD-ON] [FIVE-M] V1.0

Type 75 MLRS (2 working turrets) | [ADD-ON] [FIVE-M] V1.0

The Type 75 MLRS is a system that launches multiple rockets based on a prototype of the Type 73 APC hull to provide a 30-barrel 130 mm Type 75 rocket launch system. Being an MLRS, it may seem like a gimmicky vehicle, but it has a large payload in its 130 mm rockets. It is similar to a Ho-Ro but without the need to reload the next shell and with good ballistics that make it rather easy to use.

FOR FIVE-M: Drag the folder from FIVE-M into your [cars] folder and start the ressource.

1. Place the “type75” folder into [Gamefolder]\update\X64\dlcpacks\
2. With OpenIV, open [Game folder]\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml and add this with Notepad++
3. Open extratitleupdatedata.meta (It is at the same place [Game folder]\update\update.rpf\common\data\) and add these lines with Notepad++


4. Now you are done, you will need a trainer with “spawn by name” function (Enchanted Native Trainer for example) to spawn the tank type in:

If the game crashes on startup, use a custom gameconfig.xml
I would advise using a Mods folder (more info at OpenIV)
and make a backup, I take no responsibility if any shit happens.


Base model from: Warthunder
Pictures are from: вσяgуу#0893

Download mod

FileFile size
zip type7585 MB

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