24h of Vanillemons Pack [Add-On] V1.0

24h of Vanillemons Pack

Professional racing teams have the latest technology, hundreds of thousands of dollars at their disposal, and must follow incredibly strict rules. What happens when you throw all three of those into the trash? You get Vanillemons. The lowest form of motorsport imaginable. A bunch of degenerates with $500 and way too much time on their hands. Forget the rules set by the prissy bigwigs of motorsport and bask in the freedom of pushing a messy, broken, and chopped-up shitbox to redline around Arroyo Muerto.

This was the second Vanillaworks Creator Challenge, but the first that was made into an actual pack! Based on the 24h of Lemons race and inspired by the 24h of iFruit pack from 2020, these tuned and tortured vehicles endured a rugged 32-lap race around our track on our FiveM server on July 22/23rd, 2023.

– 13 vehicles
– Wacky designs

1. Take the “spvanillemons” folder from the archive and place it into mods/udpdate/x64/dlcpacks
2. Copy the line “dlcpacks:/spvanillemons/” into your dlclist.xml which is located in mods/update/update.rpf/common/data


Model Credits:
Vanilla Models – Rockstar Games
Classique Panorama – johndoe968
Pfister Apollo – TGIJ

Vehicle Credits:
Apollo Rocket (rustpollo) – TGIJ
Futelegy (futelegy) – Sangckrona
Futo Executive (futol) – direct_UA
Crater (lemoncom) – Smukkeunger
Euroshaker (lemoneuro) – Dayashii
Hellinole (seminolel) – WibFlip
Mohawk (lemonsab) – Smukkeunger
Rodent (rodent) – Sangckrona
Vigerous (lemonvig) – Smukkeunger
We The Evil (ratvil) – WibFlip
Wee Woo (lemonpan) – johndoe968
Ydospahr (lemonrha) – Smukkeunger
Zauntlet (zion3lem) – TheGoldenRetriever19

Additional Credits:
Handling – Eddlm
Track Textures – Sangckrona
Vehicle Renders – Sangckrona
Event Coordination – Skysder, johndoe968, Eddlm
Event Logo – HeliosAxitro
Vehicle Spreadsheet – HeliosAxitro
Screenshots – Suzuka, crunchycat, RisaDriftR, straight, godblazeit

Download mod

FileFile size
zip spvanillemons123 MB

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