Annis Roxanne [Add-On | Tuning | Sounds | Liveries] 0.2

Annis Roxanne [Add-On | Tuning | Sounds | Liveries] 0.2

Japanese Culture is known to trickle into the homes of the dammed. Anime, Sushi, pink. But held above all that, holds the holy grails of the automotive industry. The Roxanne is the choice for the people too afraid of the Elegy’s, but too classy for the Kawaii or Kanjo. Its the Roxanne. It is more.

Annis Roxanne started by deadman23. Revived by TGI_J.
Custom wheels.
Many tunings.
Dirt Mapping.
Breakable Glass.
Custom Sounds.
Many more tunings.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1: “Can I use this mod on my FiveM Server ?”
A1: “Yeah whatever mate”

Q2: “Can you add x part ?”
A2: “Once I have released a mod, I no longer plan to work on it. Soooo no.”

Q3: “Can I add x part ?”
A3: “Yes, sure. If you do, send it me and I might use it. K. Contact me on Discord #TGI_J#0013”

Q4: “What’s with the LOD’s, they’re not like R*’s ?”
A4: “I do modding for my own enjoyment. LODs do not bring me joy. They bring me pain.”

Q5: “My game is crashing”
A5: “If you are having crashing issues, please install a cusotom gameconfig along with the required heapadjuster and scripts. If this then still persists, uninstall your other vehicle mods.”

Q6: “My car has no textures”
A6: “You probably have a conflicting mod installed. Find it and un-install it. ”

Installation Instructions in the .zip
You may use this vehicle mod in your FiveM server as long as its not a reward for a donation / exclusive to one person.


Lambofreak: Custom Sounds = Street Swine Bodykit
Eddlm: Custom Handling
13Stewartc: Description, Interior & Addon
The Nation Community: Mod Pictures
RetroInspired: Winning the headlining mod image contest (but then me realising the crop is really odd :angery:
The Nation Discord Community: Feedback / Ideas / Moral Support
Deadman123: Initial Model
Boywond: Some spoilers I borrowed

Livery Credits
MMTGarage, ItsJustCurtis, AbsolutleyHalal, .Del, GogoDG, Torqyboi, Sangckrona

Download mod

File File size
zip Annis_Roxanne_TGIJ_0.2 52 MB
zip roxanne_template 17 MB

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