“Immersive” Vehicle Start Sounds 2.0

"Immersive" Vehicle Start Sounds 2.0

This is my second attempt at adding a key sound to the start up, over the 5 years I’ve been doing this – this is the absolute best way I could implement this without coding. Enjoy.

– Changes the kick start sound effect on motorcycles so they should sound more realistic (I did the same with the non-kick start motorcycles, just gives a little more “beef” to the engine start)

– Makes external shifting sounds a lot louder on cars

– Also changes the standard car ignition so you hear the foley of a key(s) slapping into the ignition (it’s very hard to get a better result due to limits in the game’s code of how vehicles and their sounds work. So the key sound will be most prevalent in the very beginning of the sound).

This was simply for cinematics and overall detail when playing – in my opinion, Rockstar falls short when it comes to audio in all Grand Theft Auto games – everything just sounds so weak and boring. If you have any small suggestions, I’m all ears – I can barely code so don’t ask me to find some crazy way to implement more sounds, only replacing certain ones.

Simply drag and drop “vehicles.awc” to C:…Grand Theft Auto V/mods/x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT

No known bugs



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