Improved Brute Ambulance [Replace | Liveries] V2.0

Improved Brute Ambulance [Replace | Liveries] V2.0

This mod adds a full vehicle mapping template to the original Ambulance, there are 9 liveries for the vehicle, with new canon-based liveries from most hospitals in San Andreas and the vanilla liveries has also been adjusted to be more consistent with the lore, this includes the vanilla LSFD livery being split into LSFD and LSCoFD, while still staying consistent to the canon. The Ambulance has also been modified to include an interior with complete medical equipment.

– Los Santos Fire Department
– Los Santos County Fire Department
– Mission Row San Andreas
– Central Los Santos Medical Center
– Pillbox Hill Medical Center
– Mount Zonah Medical Center
– St. Fiacre Hospital
– Sandy Shores Medical Center
– The Bay Care Center


– Rockstar Games – Original model
– TheF3nt0n – Model edits
– Vx5 Voltage – Improved Ambulance
– IlayArye and Monkeypolice188 – Ambulance interior
– Sir Stir Fry and AlexanderLB – Textures
– ukeyS – Screenshots

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File File size
rar Mapped Brute Ambulance 13 MB

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