Police Cruiser Stanier 2nd Generation [Add-On / FiveM | Liveries | Extras | Tuning | Call Sign System | Rotating Spotlights] V2.1

Police Cruiser Stanier 2nd Generation [ FiveM | SP | Liveries | Extra's | Tuning | LOD's ] 1.4

The vehicle is not perfect, it has a few bugs which I intend to correct in the next updates.

Important informations for 1.4 update.
If you have selected the vehicle option as unmarked in one model and want to change the paint texture please write to me, or if you can change the texture in ZModeler.

The vehicle has several features that I have not seen anywhere on this model:
– CallSign on the roof as tuning parts,
– Pushbar, Classic and default bumper,
– Number plate holder on front bumper,
– Working LOD’s,
– Trunk equipment,
– Possibility to remove the cage in interior,
– Possibility to remove the Spotlights,
– Possibility to change trunk equipment as extra’s,
– Dirt mapping,
– Breakable windows,
– Possibility to change antennas on the roof (3 types possible),
– Police laptop as tuning part,
– Custom handling.

Future plans for the vehicle:
– K9 Cage,
– Police cap on the dashboard,


Spawn name: nkcruiser

If you want to install a mod for FiveM you have two ways, Globbing/Merge and the classic Addon way. To make the vehicle work just move the folder to resources then go into server.cfg and type ensure nkcruiser.

Installation for Singleplayer:

1. Place ‘nkcruiser’ folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2. Edit ‘dlclist.xml’ from mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
3. Add this line to dlcpacks:\nkcruiser\
4. Save and replace it.

This vehicle has full support for FiveM servers.


– Rockstar Games – Original model,
– noisiak – Model edits, UV Mapping, LOD’s, Screenshot’s, Handling, Tuning parts,
– Vx5 Voltage – Police Computer,
– Voit Turyv – Police Console,
– w.. – Trunk Organizer,
– Seb5a – Giving a few tips, a little help. I’m grateful to him.

Download mod

File File size
zip NK Police Cruiser 21 MB

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