San Andreas Game Warden Pack [Vehicles | EUP | Lore-Friendly | Add-On] 1.1.0

San Andreas Game Warden Pack [Vehicles | EUP | Lore-Friendly | Add-On] 1.1.0

This mod adds the San Andreas Department of Fish and Wildlife (SDFW), the lore-ified California agency, responsible for the safety and protection of the state-wide wilderness, into GTA V.

This pack includes 5 SUVs / Pickups, 1 ATV, 2 boats, uniforms, jackets and headwear.
All the clothing in this pack is add-on and doesn’t replace any existing uniforms.

This mod was requested by a patron. If you want to support me and also get your favorite agency into the game, consider subscribing to my Patreon.

Vapid Executioner
Vapid Sandking
Nagasaki Blazer
Vapid Sadler
Declasse Alamo
Vapid Caracara
Nagasaki Dinghy

Class C (new patch)
Class C (old patch)
Reflective coat
Winter coat
Baseball cap


– TheF3nt0n – Mapped Swift, Executioner and Dinghy
– Jacobmaate – Equipment, interior props
– AlexanderLB – Beaver decal
– Dani02 – Converted Sandking XL and Executioner improvements
– Skitty – Police console
– Voit Turyv – Police console, cage, lightbar
– GCT – Original Executioner and Sandking XL model
– Aquamenti – Mapped Predator
– IlayArye – Mapped Sadler, Alamo
– Bozza – Caracara
– Mighty – Screenshots
– Milo – Screenshots
– If i forgot to include anyone, hit me up

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