Shelby Chrysler Dodge Omni GLHS – Goes Like Hell S’more [ADD-ON / Tuning / Template ] V1.0

Shelby Chrysler Dodge Omni GLHS - Goes Like Hell S'more [ADD-ON / Tuning / Template ] V1.0

1986 my birth year… This year, the GLH has been taken under the wing of Carroll Shelby. If you’ve been held incommunicado in a padded cell for the past few years, you might not know that Mr. Shelby is back in the car business and that this time he’s playing with Dodges. A new venture called Shelby Automobiles in Whittier, California, will produce some 500 GLHSs this year, which will be sold through Dodge dealers who sign up for Shelby franchises.

The transformation from the 146-hp GLH to the 175-hp GLHS begins with the addition of an air-to-air intercooler and a Shelby-designed intake manifold to the stock 2.2-liter Turbo II engine. The intercooler allows 12-psi maximum boost pressure, 3 psi more than the standard GLH has. As a result, the torque peak goes up from 168 to 175 pound-feet.

Further modifications include the installation of low-pressure gas-charged Koni shocks all around and an upgrade in the tire department from 195/50HR-15 Eagle GTs to 205/50VR-15 Eagle VR50 gatorbacks. Rear ride height is reduced about half an inch. The GLH’s standard one-inch front and five-eighths-inch rear anti-roll bars are left alone. The Shelby treatment also includes a tape package (you can al­ways peel it off) and six-inch cast-aluminum Shelby Centurion wheels.


Livery Support (Template available on my Discord)
Complete 3D HQ
A Few Tuning Parts
HQ Exterior
HQ Interior, Doorsills, Boot & Engine
Hands on Steeringwheel
Working Dials on Dash
Correct Seat Position for FPV & Passenger
Correct Window Tints
Compatible with all Tuning Rimpacks!!
FiveM Compatible
And all other standarts… besides LODs

Known Bugs:

Install and Enjoy 😉
See Ya Soon Peeps.

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Screens by: Asyr0n
Base Model: Turn10
Adapted & Rigged: Asyr0n

Download mod

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7z Shelby Chrysler Dodge Omni GLHS - V1.P 12 MB

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