Weazel News Storm Command Alamo II [Add-On] V1.0

Weazel News Storm Command Alamo II [Add-On] V1.0

Ever wanted to risk your life for chump change and chase tornados or hurricanes? Well Weazel News has the perfect position for you. Equipped with the latest storm-tracking technology this vehicle will help do the job efficiently.

Requirements: Gameconfig

Without this you may experience game crashes.

This mod is a lore-friendly vehicle based on a semi-accurate representation of the KOCO storm tracking vehicle.

The spawn codes for the included vehicles are as follows:

fascalamo2 – Storm Chaser Alamo II

This is a small revamp of my previous mod, It includes the Alamo II with updated assets, better optimization, and more interior props. Installation instructions are included in the download.



Alamo II:

Rockstar Games – Original Granger 3600LS model
IlayArye – Porting and fixes
MMT – 3D Modelling / Shortening
Nacho – 3D Modelling / Shortening / Fixes
actuallyTOXIC – Model Improvements / Fixes
ArtehFailz – Wheels


ActuallyToxic: Kabel Pushbar, Console, Facade Flex AT21 Laptop

RiME557: Radar Dish System, Trunk Equipment

Jacobmaate: Interior props

The Realism Team: Antennas

Reyox: Screenshots

Rockwl: Vehicle Assembly, DLC Pack Assembly, Mapped Windows, Livery

Download mod

File File size
rar Weazel News Stormchaser 1.0 23 MB

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