Toyota Land Cruiser VXR 200 2019 [Add-On]

Toyota Land Cruiser VXR 200 2019 [Add-On]

Hello my friends, how are you I made a wonderful car today, which is Land Cruise 2019, which is originally gta sa, and I converted to the gta v after days of hard work and because I am new to Convert So it took a lot of time with some problems in the car, but they are okay. So I hope you like it and enjoy it If you have any advice or bugs, please let me know
Special thanks to Modsman car owner for posting the car in obj format, modifying it and converting it I changed the color of the insides from beige to brown There are improvements in the future for the car and one of the most important ones is the operation Dashboard The car does not disappear from afar, the class is broken I have modified the metals and texture

1.1:-Changing all interior colors, adding a screen touch to the rear seats, adding an Optical logo for the doors and improving the rear light textures Add wood to the dashboard
In the future, I will try to do retractable mirrors and solve the problem of dials as soon as possible .
note:-The video in the photos shows the extent of the change in the interior

How to install:– first go to mods>update>x64>dlcpacks> and drop the file

add this dlcpacks:\vxr\


Author: -Modsman
Convert to sa: – Modsman
Convert to v: – bbmm__20

Download mod

File File size
rar vxr 49 MB

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