International 4700 2001 [Add-On]

International 4700 2001

A special thanks to Sonder for giving me permission to make this beautiful International Truck. I have been waiting for this truck for so long in GTA V!!! There is only a problem in the back while at the front it says international at the back it still has the logo for Benson. I don’t know why but at least it is an International. Have fun playing with it!!! : )

Working lights
Seat’s perfectly
Working doors

The front window can’t break.
not holding the steering wheel.

Contains detailed instructions for the Add-On versions.


Original model: Sonder
GTA IV convert: Sonder
GTA V convert: Mikeyboy242424
screenshots by: Mikeyboy242424
handling and optimizing DLC by Mikeyboy242424

Download mod

FileFile size
rar International 4700 200112 MB

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