Heckler & Koch G3 [ Replace / FiveM] BETA V1.0

Heckler & Koch G3 [ Replace / FiveM] BETA V1.0

Combat rifle of national manufacture under license Heckler & Koch G3 A3 of the Mexican Army, caliber 7.62x51mm NATO.

General Data:
Addon Version (FiveM Only):
-Vertical Grip
-Grenade Launcher M203
-AOG Sight
-Default Magazine: 25 Bullets
-Extended Magazine: 50 Bullets

How to Install:
Put the “HKG3A3” File in the “resources” folder and write in the “server.cfg” file the following “ensure HKG3A3” or “start HKG3A3”.

Version Replacement:
-Vertical Grip (Digital Camouflage)
-M203 Grenade Launcher (Digital Camouflage)
-AOG Sight (Medium Sight)
-Default Magazine: 30 Bullets
-Extended Magazine: 60 Bullets

How to Install:
All [Singleplayer] Folder Files must be installed in the following path in your GTA V : mpgunrunning/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/weapons.rpf



Download mod

FileFile size
rar hkg3a3_mod63 MB

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