M14 Classic Wood Skin 2.0

M14 Classic Wood Skin 2.0

This is my first Weapon Skin mod so the textures may seem unpolished.

I’ve been waiting for a normal 50s eara M14 Rifle for ages and its yet to happen so I got tired of waiting and somewhat made one myself.

This is a skin for DynsPr’s M14 animated.

This Texture is to more resemble an M14 Rifle set during the Korean and Vietnam war.
Note that this is not made to be completely accurate nor do I care to make it completely accurate.

Full model and original texture credit goes to DynsPr.
Texture modified by ToXiC BoLTz.

-Added a Dark wood version that more resembles a classic M14.



Download mod

File File size
zip M14 Clean Skin 56 MB

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